The Lucky US Trip (Part 1)- Washington

Ordinary day, opened my lotus note, “Congratulations! the Governor approved your foreign travel to the US of A”.  Ayuzz! I was just recommended as an alternate for a seminar in the US but the Governor decided to approve us all.

I admit that I want to go the USA but I’m not really that avid about it and yet it was given to me.  I could not explain how it always happens to me but it does especially when I’m just relax and don’t pressure myself and let it go just like blowing my prayers into the air.  I also could not explain how I felt upon learning it.  All I know is its so cool just like what I felt when I won a car because everything is free! What can I say? Life is good.  Life is definitely good and I deserve it!

The seminar is about anti-money laundering and terrorism and was conducted in Washington, D.C.  at the Office of the Comptroller of Currency.  I have a great experience talking with my fellow attendees who came from different countries such as Australia, Turkey, Indonesia, Korea, New Zealand and China, among others.  We were able to share information about our jobs as central bankers and about our respective countries.  Buti na lang di ako naubusan ng ingles, I brought a lot of ammunition!  but honestly I’m also surprised that I was able to talk them straight english.  Kaya pala!

I tried to be active in the seminar by either reporting for my group or responding to the lecturer.  To be honest, seminars bore me so i have to do something that both the lecturer and I will benefit.  But what I’m so proud is that despite the fact that most of my fellow participants are holding management position, I’m the one who was able to present well with ideas and of course I was able to make the class laugh.  I believe our lecturers love me and of course I love them coz I think they’re tough breed of examiners.

Other than the fact that the content of the seminar is very helpful and informative, I also enjoyed the meriendas, the free brewed coffees, the soda and cola and most especially the ice cream that were served to us.

Unlike other seminars provided by other federal institutions in the US that my co-workers have attended, this one is really different and complete.  I really felt lucky attending this one.  This is really “world-class”!

I guess my stay in Washington would never be as memorable as it was without the help of my friend, Mr. Joseph Cortez.  Actually, when we are in high school, we are not in good terms.  May mga time pa nga na nagsusuntukan kami sa labas ng school, kung fu style, Yaahhh! But sometimes its true that time heals.  When he learned about my stay in Wash, he accommodated me along with my four co-workers as if we’re best of friends.

Yap, that’s us inside his apartment pero di naman kami nakitira sa kanya but we ate dinner there after we came from a shopping spree at Potomac where a lot of stores offer discounts.  At first I tried to convert prices to pesos but after my first purchase no more conversion, buy whatever there that delighted me especially perfumes and clothes for my kids.

I stayed in a suite at Marriott Hotel, which I think the best hotel I’ve been.  Nakakahiya lang kasi when I checked I paid with in cash with loose coins to the final centavos considering that citizens there pay thru credit or debit cards.  Anyways, breakfast is free but it’s all the same everyday.  Lunch is at the OCC and dinner either at the hotel or with JOseph.

Before I got into the hotel on the first day, I rode thru the subway train from the airport.  I learned that train lines in Washington are complicated unlike the simple one we have in the Philippines.   I studied the train routes and chose a train station which is luckily the right one.

Nevertheless, the subway really make touring Washington easy and cheap.

I enjoyed Wash and I really loved going back there if there is a chance.  But a former colleague of mine invited us to go to his place in Rhode Island so after the seminar I, along with my friend, went there.  But we have to go to New York first to ride the AMTrack to Rhode Island.  Again, my man, Joseph helped us to go there using his car.  But before I end this, I leave you with the shot I made of the Washington Memorial.

I’ll post part 2 of 3 of my US trip before this week ends.  Thank you for reading!


~ by Road to Relevance on November 7, 2010.

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