Anawangin Cove, The Bar and Puking

Last 8 May 2010, my friends in the office, my wife and I went to Anawangin Cove in San Antonio, Zambales

As you can see from the picture (courtesy of Boy Patis Lover Boy George K), Anawangin is really a cool place to go especially if you are a nature and beach lover like my wife.   We went there for photo shoots , the camping experience, the discomfort of the summer and the heavy sands that made me feel walking with weights.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the beach.  I enjoyed it until one camper let his dog swim.  No matter how clean the dog looks, there’s no way this dog should swim with us.  Swimming was cut short.  We went to shower using “tabo” and if you have cool friends, taking a shower could be fun.

Common get over the last picture.

Remember I said we came here for the discomfort of summer?  I did not appreciate the warm breeze at night.  Sleeping inside the tent is not a good idea especially after a drinking session.

This one is the culprit of my involuntary puking which I never did in the last 5 years.  But first rewind, the drinking session started slow after dinner.  There’s the Bar, the Sprite and the Spam.  The combination of 3 plus eraserheads from the Ipod and fun talks about co-workers made the warm night cooler.  The night got deeper and deeper and so are the shots to my head.

I was talking loud and they were laughing.   I took a look down and next thing I knew, my head got heavy and I felt puking.  I struggled to get near a coconut tree and there I howled.

Despite what happened, I still woke up with my lovely wife looking in a very nice scenery.  I longed for the Beach to remove my heavy head.  Nevertheless, the experience is fun and memorable and the place is great.  I might come back since I never really have it photographed myself and I never really made a whole tour of the island.  But one thing I prayed, I hope its raining the next time.


~ by Road to Relevance on July 16, 2010.

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