Dilemma of a Funny Guy

Some people just don’t see how you see yourself!

I am a funny guy.    You mostly see me having fun with my peers.  You would hear me laugh if you’re within 50 feet from where I am.  I love to play around, tease and poke friends.  I usually give funny comments and double meanings which are mostly green.  I’m loud and proud.

You might ask so what is the problem with that?  In the past, I usually joke too much that I got some friends offended.  But nowadays that would not be a problem because I can control it.  What got my attention lately is a comment from a friend after she saw and heard me speech wittily in front of my bosses and my fellow participants of a prestigious office training which I topped.  She said that she is not proud of me being his friend before but her impression of me changed after the speech.  I don’t know what to say! I was insulted!

You don’t have to dig deeper to understand what she means.  It’s a straight in the face jab!  I began to think what impression I made to people.  It is not because you see me crack jokes everywhere means I am loser.  You want to hear another lousy comment?  Here’s another one given to me just two days ago.  I was telling two co-workers about things I learned in the previous seminar in speed reading.  Then one of them said, “finally you said something that made sense!”  WTF!  I just smiled.

Initially I was asking what are this people thinking but the most profound question I asked myself is “What am I projecting to them?”.  Image is important to me but fun living is also my way of life.  At first glance, you might not see me as I guy that don’t take life seriously but the truth is I do, but not in a serious way.  I remember a friend of mine telling me when I passed the board exam that she didn’t see me as a man who can accomplish such things because in school it seems I’m just a boy who love to laugh.

I was disappointed with the impression I left to people but it opened my eyes.  There might be other factors but one thing is very apparent.  For them I am just a funny guy!  May be it’s time to grow up or change image or ways of talking.  But let me say this, I was able to accomplish a lot in my life being who I am and there is now way I would completely change it.  Borrowing a line from one of my favorites songs of Beatles titled “Across the Universe”, I would like to end this by saying  “Nothing’s gonna change my world”.


~ by Road to Relevance on July 15, 2010.

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