Kids Sports Day at Ayala Triangle

Since I joined running this year, I’m also longing for a sport event the would include my three-year old son, King.  Eventually, my wife, who is working at BPI, found out about Kids Sports Day by the Ayala Land.  Upon learning about the event, we decided to register our son to it considering that he enjoyed watching me in the BSP sportsfest. 

Ayala Triangle

Event day is 25 April 2010 at Ayala Triangle.  We arrived quarter to seven in the morning and secured my son’s running shirt and bib no.  We waited almost 20 minutes before the race started.

The race started with stretching exercises.  Kids 3-6 years old were segragated from kids 7-10 years old. 

King’s is timid around the other kids.  He did not even followed the stretching exercises.  Maybe he is not used to be with a lot of kids.

I’m worried that he may not enjoyed the event but when the race started my apprehension was gone. 

I ran with King at his pace then he suddenly stopped and said “Pagod na”.  We walked a while and he ran again and he stopped again and said “Tama na!” he he.  We walked again and ran again toward the finish line.

The ran is very very short and just enough to make my kid sweating.  After the run King played on the inflatables.  The event was fun and I’m looking forward on another one.  Kudos to the Ayala Group of Companies for doing this one!


~ by Road to Relevance on April 25, 2010.

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