One Tagaytay Place (Holy Week Getaway)

Early this February, I decided to spend holy week with my family at Tagaytay.  I remembered I heard two djs talked about their very nice experience in this new hotel in Tagaytay  named One Tagaytay Place.

One Tagaytay Place

I searched their website and I was happy with what I saw thus I immediately reserved online using my credit card a deluxe room for April 1, 2010

It was a hot maundy thursday afternoon when we drove toward Tagaytay via Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  Traffic is kind of heavy with lot of people going to Tagaytay to spend the holy week.  Upon arrival, I checked in and ensured that all the amenities I saw in the website would be provided including the much needed spa massage.  Accommodation is very nice and fast.  The receptionist is very courteous.  We went to our room and immediately took pictures.

inside the deluxe room of One Tagaytay Place

After we unpacked our things, we immediately went to the penthouse to swim.

in the coldest swimming pool i've been to

Despite the cold, we stayed their for more than an hour before we went bank to our room.  After we took a bath, I checked and updated my facebook.  The hotel has a wifi which is free for the first four hours of use.  Around 7pm we went down to get our complementary dinner.

Waiting for dinner at the Azura Resto . .

They gave us soup for the appetizer and breaded chicken for the main course.  Just for comment, I did not like the chicken.  After dinner, we went outside and took pictures at the driveway.

at the driveway

We went back to the lobby and also took some pictures there.

at the hotel lobby . . .

We went back to our room and rest for a while.  I opened my laptop and noticed that I forgot to sign out the wi-fi connection.  I called the receptionist to asked if I still have time left on the free wifi.  Unfortunately, it was already consumed but the good receptionist gave me unlimited access without me asking for it.  After an hour in the net, I went down to reserve the spa massage for me and my wife.  We planned to have it alternately so someone will be left with King.  Only one of us can be accommodated during that time and none in the next hour because of previous reservations.  I let my wife have the massage that night and I settled for tomorrow morning.  I just told them that in case there would be a slot the next hour, just inform me.  I went back to our room and told my wife to get the massage instead and I just watched cable.  After an hour she went back and the phone rang.  The spa receptionist told me that I can now go down for my massage and so I did.

The next morning, we got our breakfast and went to a church to pay respect to God in the observance of the holy week.

Simbahan ng Ina ng Laging Saklolo

alay ng kandila . .

We went back to the hotel to pack our things and have our last round of pictures before going home.

All in all, I was satisfied with the hotel.  I was just surprised the spa massage which is the main reason I reserved in the hotel, was excluded in our package but nevertheless the receptionist was able to work it out.  Other than that and the breaded chicken, I really enjoyed our stay at One Tagaytay place.  The ambiance, the amenities, the massage and the people their are great.


~ by Road to Relevance on April 12, 2010.

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