King’s 3rd Birthday at Green Nature Resort (San Mateo, Rizal)

My wife and I do not have plans to celebrate our first son’s 3rd birthday but the summer heat gave us a good reason to do so.  Last year, we celebrated it at 9 waves resort in San Mateo, Rizal and this year we wanted to do it in another resort.  I was looking for a resort that is relaxing, affordable and most importantly, customers are allowed to bring their own food.  I searched the internet to find a resort in the Metro but I didn’t find any that fits my requirements.  Fortunately, my wife found one through the yellow pages.  The name of the resort is Green Nature  Resort also located in San Mateo, Rizal.  I searched it in the net and I liked it the pictures I saw.  We went there on a Saturday just to see the place.  I was very happy with it and I immediately reserve a gazebo.

Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park is a hide away nestled in the city of San Mateo, Rizal. Having been privately owned for over 10 years and recently opened to the public, the resort has been well maintained and continues by keeping the place clean and adding trees to enhance its tranquility.

For only 45 minutes from Manila, you can now delight your senses in the beauty of this haven. This 1 Hectare resort offers a lot of amenities for the recreation of the whole family and even for your whole group of friends.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here you can have a peaceful time with friends. Take a dip in the pool or jacuzzi and enjoy the mini waterfalls in between the two. Have an adrenaline to our slide. Have a picnic with your family. There is a basketball court, beach volleyball, table tennis, billiards and football available to suit any sports fan needs. But this place is not just for the family. Retreats and team building activities can also be held at our function room. The cottages can accommodate as much as 100 people all in all.

So relieve yourself from stress. Relax and take joy in the scenery Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park has to offer. It is truly a place for different activities, for everyone to enjoy!  – Green Nature Resort

We live at Cubao and going to the resort is just less than an hour via Batasan.  After we passed through the San Mateo Chapel, we looked for the Seaoil gas station and turned right.  We traveled approximately 2km of rough road.  Resort signage guided us toward the place.  The resort is very affordable.   Below is the resort price list.

We almost canceled the celebration because my two sons, their lola and yaya have cough and cold the entire week but miracles do happens on the day itself.  They eventually got well and the celebration went as planned.

King blowing the birthday candles

We went there on a sunday and we were amazed with the number of people who went there.  It was jammed and we’re glad we did a reservation a week before.  Nevertheless, my family enjoyed the swimming pools especially the one near to our gazebo.

Lola Zion, King, Manay and Macel at the Main Pool

tin-tin, garfield (at the back), ohmz, ivan and mommy

My son King really have fun and we made sure that he experience all the resort would offer.  The resort do not have waves but the play ground on the pool surely made kids happy.

King enjoying the slide

Beside the swimming pool, there are other things you can do there.  There is a colorful train that both adult and children can ride on for just P40.

Thomas and his fwends . .

There is also a hanging bridge and a real playground.

ivan, king and lola zion at the bridge . .

For me, green nature resort is almost a complete package.  They also have amenities other than those I mentioned above such as covered basketball court, volleyball court (on a sand),  and a billiard table for those who love sports.  Just be sure to look on the directions so you wont get lost.

san ba ko pupunta?

So let us now get back to our gazebo.  After all the praises I mentioned about the resort.  There is one thing I noticed that I got a little irritated.  Ang daming langaw!  The good thing is that the gazebo has nets to protect us from the flies so we can continue our videoke singing.

videoke gazebo covered with netz . . malangaw eh . .akala tae kami

The place is really cool and relaxing.  Most importantly, my wife and I are very happy to see King enjoyed his birthday.   This may be not planned and budgeted but seeing your child experiencing this with his immediate family is priceless.

missed . . .

I am always thankful for having King as my son.  For all the gods out there, again thank you!  Happy birthday son!

Best picture of King on his 3rd birthday!

Sabi nga ni king, D end!


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