My Real First 10K Run! Unilab Run United for Wellness (March 7, 2010, Bonifacio High Street)

The Century tuna superbods run is supposed to be my first 10k run but because the 10k run started earlier than scheduled and the traffic built up in the venue, I wasn’t able to run the full 1ok.  Nevertheless, I run the 5k track and finished it with a time of 39 minutes.

Now my real first ever 10k run happenend last March 7, 2010 for the Unilab Run United for Wellness.  But first of all, I want to thank my good friend and fellow co-worker and runner, Mr. Alden Ferreras for waking me up on that morning.  If not for your call, there would be no 10k run for me again.

I got to the starting line about 10 minutes before gun start sporting a pair of shades, long socks and basketball shoes which is not advisable since it is heavier than a running shoes which  I have but unfortunately left it in the CR near our office gym (but no worries, I got it back) the friday before run day.  The 10k run started a quarter to 6 am.  My first 2 kilometers is alright but after that my lungs started to run out of air.  When I reached the 5th kilometer, my feet got tired and heavy so I started to mentally motivate my self that I can finish the run without walking.   But before the 6th kilometer, I really need to rest so I looked for a drinking station and when I found one, I walked and got myself a drink.  After the 6th kilometer, i stopped to walk and drink every time I passed by a drinking station.  In the 8th kilometer, I walked for 1 to 2 minutes because I am really tired.  Half kilometer before the 9th I run again but before crossing the finish line, I made sure that I would pose for the pics.  Huwag palinlang, pagod na talaga ako niyan!

After a grueling 1 hour and 10 minutes of running, I crossed the finish line.

I was gunning for the 982nd place pero si kuya fitness first ayaw magpatalo, kaya 983rd place lang ako (based on

I realized that playing basketball and running are two different things.  I could play basketball continuously on the court for one hour but I never got exhausted but in running I can feel the exhaustion in 30 minutes of continuous doing it.  Nevertheless,  I am still motivated to run more because for me it’s not an exercise, it’s freedom.

Overall, the run is well organized.  A lot of race martials, drinking stations and the number of participants are limited.  Race signs are big enough to direct the runners on their respective tracks.  Except for one instance that we have to stop running to accommodate crossing vehicles, the rest of the run was smooth.  Other than the run, there are other events sponsored by different unilab products and the photo booths are the most famous of all.

(alden, ohmz and mico aka the RunBO)

Review on the event from its organizers can be read on this site.

Again, I enjoyed this event which was organized by finishline headed by Coach Rio.  I hope I can see you in the next runs! bye!


~ by Road to Relevance on March 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “My Real First 10K Run! Unilab Run United for Wellness (March 7, 2010, Bonifacio High Street)”

  1. It was also my very first 10K, and I enjoyed it. The race organizers made it easy for me 🙂

  2. Special mention pala ako dito. Walang anuman pre. 21K tayo sa Rurio Leg 2.

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