The Man behind D Afro: Coach Rio De la Cruz

I joined running because I want to find a new sport to indulge in besides basketball.  I didn’t know that in this new sport I’ll find my new inspiration, Coach Rio.

I first heard his name when I saw the commercial for the Century Tuna Superbods Run.  Akala ko fil-am siya lalo na nung nakita ko yung afro hair niya pero even at that time di naman ako interesado to know him.  Not until my second 10k run at the Unilab Run United for Wellness, when he passed by me.  There’s a dude na feeling close sa kanya na binati siya and Rio never hesitated to answer back with glee.    Alam niyo yung pakiramdam toward isang tao na alam mo he is someone great.  Yap naramdaman ko yun nung dumaan siya.  Call it cheesy pero ganun eh.  After that event, sinearch ko ung site nya ( just for the race result and there i discovered his story na ika nga niya ay pang maalaala mo kaya.  From a broken family, difficult childhood, being an NPA (no permanent address), a running prodigy, a champion school varsity, a coach, and an event organiser.  He managed to overcome adversities thru sheer patience, determination and confidence.   Pero still he is humble and sensible after all his accomplishments ( .

After reading these stuff about him, I am left in awe and felt pure admiration for the guy.  I hope he’ll continue to inspire a lot of people.  Run Rio Run!


~ by Road to Relevance on March 10, 2010.

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