My first 10K Run – Century Superbods

Century Superbods is a very big event in running.  Almost 10 thousand runners participated.   I was not able to anticipate the traffic which caused me to miss the 10k run.  Anyways, I was still able to run on the 5k track which I finished in one hour according to the official timer of the race.   I was happy that I did not run the full 10k track because my legs already felt heavy and got exhausted after my 5k run so what happened to me is all good.  Here’s my picture while running.  Thank you to for this one.

You noticed the PSP I’m holding?   I’m comfortable running with music as it gives me more energy pero I still have no ipod or any mp3 player so i have no choice but to bring my psp while running.

After the run, I looked for my friends and after an hour of looking for them ( I left my cellphone in my car), I found them in the photo booth.  So here is one of our pictures in the photobooth.

The only thing I was not able to do here is to have pictures with celebrities.  I’m just not into bothering celebrities and ask for their pictures.  It’s just not my specialty but I am willing to do one someday.  By the way, I saw Georgina Wilson, at isang lang masasabi ko Hanep talaga!  Kapag nakita ko uli siya, I would not hesitate to have one with her.

We finished our day with a breakfast at Contis.  I ended up with two slices of mang0 bravo for take out for my wifey and kids.

The whole experience is memorable being my first 10k run and with so many people participating.  Sabi nga nila, the more the merrier.  It’s always motivating to see other people do their best to finish the race despite the exhaustion.  As to my running which is my main purpose I joined this event, there is still a lot to improve.  My friends and I plan to run 21K by the end of the year so we believe we have to run more races and more training.


~ by Road to Relevance on March 9, 2010.

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